I believe that good leaders are neither born nor made, but are individuals working to be the best versions of themselves. This doesn’t mean we can’t all be better communicators, have increased self-awareness and adopt behaviours that can make us more productive and successful in our leadership roles.

Every person I work with is unique and different even though frequently they are dealing with similar challenges my approach is always personalised.

Executive Coaching
The coaching I provide normally consists of one hour meetings and are provided as part of a six month package. This time frame is a realistic one in which you can identify what you want to achieve, plan and review your progress.

Focused meetings
Sometimes people are looking for an immediate and focused space with a trusted person to discuss a plan / issue or strategy they want to implement. These focused meetings are usually 90 minutes to two hours long and can be only one meeting or a number over a short period of time.

Leadership Development
For leaders new in post, I can provide a package of leadership development which focuses on growing the individuals set-awareness, established leadership skills combined with coaching. These again last from six to 12 months and are planned and structured to meet the specific needs of the each client.

Team Development and Team Coaching
I can work with teams to support trust and improved performance within the group. Depending on what is required this service is provided over a half day or full day to longer term planned activity.

Behaviour Profiles and 360 assessments
As an accredited Everything DiSC® practitioner, I offer and provide a range of Everything DiSC® assessment profiles which I use with clients to support their increased self-awareness and feedback.