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Eau de Parfum Naturelle for Women 100ml for sale Mayo

Eau de Parfum Naturelle for Women 100ml

Exuding the modern scent of organic rose, Chloe Eau de Parfum Naturelle is an irresistibly floral perfume for women, connecting the strength and spontaneity of nature with that of the free-spirited Chloe girl.

Effortlessly elegant, as well as authentic and aware, she lives in harmony with the natural environment she cherishes and that inspires her. This fresh and feminine Eau de Parfum for women is an eco-conscious perfume rooted in nature for wholesome luxury that resonates with the independent Chloe girl's lifestyle. Vegan and formulated with 100% natural origin fragrance, the Eau de Parfum is also formulated with ethically sourced ingredients and naturally derived alcohol to envelop you in floral freshness all day long. Each gentle whisper of the emblematic and woody organic rose will remind you of a serene, natural setting that soothes and awakens the spirit.

  • Modern scent of organic rose
  • Irresistibly floral perfume
  • Effortlessly elegant, authentic and aware
  • Eco-conscious perfume
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Naturally derived alcohol
  • Gentle hint of rose
  • Serene, natural scent

Ingredient Preferences:

  • Vegan
  • Naturally Sourced Ingredients
Eau de Parfum Naturelle for Women 100ml can be purchased online via PerfumesIreland.ie website. Price includes VAT, gift wrapping and delivery charges.