If you would like to book an appointment, please phone us on 096-72100 or phone/text 085-1550591 to ensure social distancing.

You can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome when you call into us.

Helen, Colleen, Chloe and Dominic will ensure you receive personalized service and advice – we promise you will be delighted with your new glasses.

Helen and Dominic are graduates of Kevin Street DIT and Helen has attained a further qualification in Low Vision assessment through ABDO UK.

We want you to look great in your new eyewear so we will tell you all about the latest styles, colours and shapes available and recommend eyewear based on your face shape, colouring, hairstyle and your own personal style.

You can choose from a large selection of frames including rimless, semi-rimless, plastic and metal frames. We have price ranges to suit all and you are sure to find the perfect pair with us.

We want you to get the clearest vision possible in your new eyewear so we will recommend the lenses that will perform the best for your eyes and prescription.