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Y Live Eau de Toilette 60ml for sale Mayo

Y Live Eau de Toilette 60ml

Introducing Y LIVE, the new Eau De Toilette to complete the Y range.

Inspired by a man on the brink of discovery – a man on the edge of success, Y LIVE, much like the classic eau de toilette and Eau De Parfum before it, is a Fougère fragrance that sits between fresh and intense.

Y LIVE is the olfactive embodiment of a man who is not afraid to take risks and to make life-changing decisions. This is a fragrance that encapsulates the sense of thrill before the performance, the man who lives for the adrenaline.

A new take on the Fougère form, Y LIVE is fresh yet sensual with two very distinct olfactive facets: it elegantly represents the two environments inhabited by star performer Adam Levine, both on stage and off. At the top are fresh, bright notes of Grapefruit and Pear which emulate the energy of a live performance. At the base, rich sensual strains of Juniper, Orange Blossom and Amber Woods conjure the sensuality of the backstage atmosphere.

The Bottle

The hard-edged form of the Y LIVE bottle is much the same as Y Eau De Parfum – described as “an expression of purity” – sliced through by a bright metallic Y. For Y LIVE, the bottle has been reimagined with a deep blue fade-out, rising from midnight blue at the top to a bright transparency at the base. This design cleverly imitates the dual structure of the fragrance within, and speaks elegantly of the build up to a performance. The rising sense of anticipation. The build to the thrill.

The Ambassador

Adam Levine is the ultimate embodiment of a bold, unapologetic performer. A natural stage presence with an acute sense of timing and the ability to hold his audience in thrall, Levine lives for the atmosphere of the crowd, the adrenaline of the stage. He lives for the thrill.

Y Live Eau de Toilette 60ml can be purchased online via PerfumesIreland.ie website. Price includes VAT, gift wrapping and delivery charges.